Plenary Panel Discussion: Adoption of LA in businesses

Learning Analytics Summer Institute Spain 2022 (LASI Spain 22)


Speakers: Talia Kolodny and Andreina Parisi-Amon

Measure what Matters: Empowering Students and Educators with Meaningful Engagement Data

Many organizations invest in complex data systems. Few end up with insights about what or how well students are learning. Actionable data is one of the key advantages of technology-enhanced learning. Yet data is only as meaningful as our ability to use it to improve learning outcomes. Data-driven teaching tools allow instructors to identify students who are struggling. They offer access to instant feedback on whether students understood a new topic. They can drive effective strategies for personalized interventions, even in very large classrooms. What was once impossible in a physical classroom, is now possible in a digital environment. In this session, Engageli leaders will share insights from Higher Education institutions across the globe that drive better learning outcomes and stronger human connections using engagement analytics.


Speaker: Luis Rodriguez Gil

Analyzing learning performance using the LabsLand network

LabsLand provides online access to real equipment through the Internet. This equipment is located in universities of the LabsLand network. Thousands of students use LabsLand regularly for doing their activities, leaving data that can be analyzed. In this presentation, LabsLand will explain different projects of learning outcome evaluation by different researchers of universities in the LabsLand network.


Speaker: Mariana Lima Robson

LMS data: how useful it is? Discover success stories of IBNext clients.

The Future of Learning Analytics is here! Learn about the experience of institutions around the world that use data analysis in their decision making. Join us to the far corners of your data universe as we launch our next generation of SaaS software with advanced educational capabilities, Learning analytics and reporting. Be one of the first to get a glimpse of IntelliBoard Next, bringing together the power of your LMS different tools, your LMS logs data, and other resources, enabling all stakeholders to see and use data like never before.